Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Blast from The Past!

       So about a week ago I went to a place in Virginia called Colonial Williamsburg. It is an amazing place but that's not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about how LUCKY our world is now how lucky WE are now. Every night those people who lives there lived in fear. They had to live every night of their lives with probably thinking the same question. Will we wake up again tomorrow free or still enslaved by the British? I got to dress up like they used to and act like a young lady from that time. It was fun and very interesting. Overall the experience was great but the best part was hearing people act like 1 they are from that time and 2 retelling real stories. I asked myself this after we left and i suggest you do the same. Do we take all the great things in life for granted? Do we really deserve them? Think about this and maybe go visit Williamsburg! Its an amazing experience! Williamsburg website!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Best of The Food Fests

October 31 was sooooooo exciting! Not only was it Halloween but it was also cultural food day in Mr.Storms social studies class! We ate a ton of food from many different cultures. I represented the German culture and brought in Fastnachts which are a fried piece of dough. For the culture food day we put powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar but in Germany you would not put anything on top. I also learned that people don’t have to follow a certain religion you can make up your own too! Like one family brought in the most amazing peanut butter cookies and their culture was to have these every Christmas morning. We also had a Greek pudding and we learned about the Greek culture like did you know that greeks use olives a lot! Ya its pretty cool. But I think the main thing we learned is that culture is important to what makes a family their own.  

So my question to you readers is.... What makes you culture so important to you and why?

Friday, November 1, 2013

I can change history!!

How will YOU change history?

 Will you become a famous actor, writer, or artist? Or are you just going to be a normal person changing a little piece of history? History is a bunch of stories big and small maybe one of those stories could be yours. I will change history by becoming a brain surgeon. I can change history like that by saving someone with a tumor and changing THEIR history. By changing someone else's history you might just change yours too!

How will YOU change history?